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Bonaire is unforgettable!

Loneliness is a contemporary disease. In my work of the outside worlds she takes an important place.

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October 6 · Issue #80 · View online
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Loneliness is a contemporary disease. In my work of the outside worlds she takes an important place.
I used totally abandoned landscapes as I knew them from Bonaire, where I lived for many years, as metaphors for solitude, memories of desolate worlds. A large part of the Caribbean island, nature reserve, was scanty, blood beautiful, with few people or sometimes a single human being that I consciously placed in the abandoned area. If you admire these empty worlds, you start to notice how full they are, filled with color, shape, mystery, a rare tree or trees, withered flowerings, creatures, birds and rocks, memories of the past: petroglyphs of the Arawaks.
The emptiness is full, filled with not immediately remarked presence, strange skies and clouds, lonely beauty.

Forgotten 2005
Forgotten 2005
The lonely spaces, the silence as on another planet, secluded, lonely, alone with the nature of emerald: the water, or deep blue, ominous as the often threatening skies. Washington Slagbaai Reserve, in particular, seemed from another world, with desert-like plains full of cacti and desolate spaces leading to the sea with coral-red stripes and empty open spaces along the edge of the sea, sometimes full of jagged rock formations thrown into the sea as if tossed from a cyclops. A single tree, an oddity, broken-white pipe coral edged the sea. The silence and desolation was audible.
Occasionally a rock formation with inside ancient inscriptions and drawings of animals in siena, testimonies to a distant past of man-eating Indians, the Arawaks. Watercolors show the red coral pipes with clear blue pools and yellow vegetation among the arid undergrowth. So lonely, so brilliant, so beautiful in color, the basis for my later use of color. It has been internalized with me. All my later works start on this blue-green colorite, similar to my own.
Gabriella Cleuren 27.09.2020
Alone with nature 02 2002
Alone with nature 02 2002

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