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BRAVE new old WORLDS 2020

Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
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Table of contents :
  1. Brave new old worlds 2020
  2. New works of Gabriëlla on Singulart
  3. Social media
  4. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
  5. General information

1. BRAVE new old Worlds 2020
Wounded man 2020
Wounded man 2020
My works concerning this state of being were collected images gained from the very recent present, newspapers and magazines of the 21st century.
They are highly current, and at the same time very old. For what concerns their content, they belong with Goya, going back 200 years.
 A comparison is inescapable, and frightening. What exactly is it that man has learned from the past? How far has his evolution carried him forward?
What measures his advancement?
Is he turning into a state of ‘being human’ perforce, as Nietzsche calls it? Or does he invariably revert to the animal state when conditions are ripe for it? These images are witnesses to the fact.
We may well ask ourselves the question if, maybe, it is only via the scientific technical route that man can truly achieve the state of being human.
The technique to transport the feeling of cruelty is a free destructive form I use in an organic way. It explains time as well as man’s disfigurement. The deprivation, horror and hardship speak to us through the subject matter and the material. It can be felt by the viewer through the painful rough touches and strips.
New outfit 2020
New outfit 2020
4. New works to be seen on Singulart.
Singulart is an online gallery, which ensures a 100% multilingual handling of the sale of artworks.
5. Social media.
LinkedIn and Twitter are the most important social media used by Gabriëlla Cleuren.
6. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
6. General information.
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Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
Gabriëlla Cleuren Art @GabriellaCleure

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