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Brave new old Worlds : my vision #03


Gabriëlla Cleuren Art

February 16 · Issue #95 · View online

What I make, write, read, hear, see and visit as an expressive, spontaneous, systematic artist.

Poverty is the father of revolution and crime.
Revolutions? Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria etc.
In Europe you can also see small and large parades of malcontents every week: in the banlieue of Paris during Sarkozy, the green vests under Macron. The result of growing inequality. For some people, everyday life has become unaffordable.
Stephane Hessel released his critical and awareness-raising booklet “Indignez Vous” in January 2011. An outrage at the excesses of capitalism, the banking crisis, the associated indecisiveness of politics, a lack of change due to dictatorship in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, and other African countries. A tremendous emigration started, often reinforced by wars, climate change, drought, desertification, so that the urgency for change only increased.
Take your chance in Europe or the USA because it has become hopeless in your own country, there is no future. The WWII fighting stance seemed to have disappeared, according to Hessel. It caused general unrest: the need for outrage over the attitude of banks and the erosion of social security. It sparked revolt in Spain, among others. In the rest of Europe this led to an increase in crime: among others the trafficking in narcotics (the Netherlands and Belgium)
The leaders no longer serve as an example, often serve themselves and that creates even more unbelief.
In the meantime, emigration to Europe and the USA continues, with disruptive consequences.
The only guidance in this is the declaration of human rights.
Gabriëlla Cleuren 2012

Indignados 2012
Indignados 2012
Acts differently in catastrophic times 2015
Acts differently in catastrophic times 2015
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