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Carpal tunnel syndrome . Taking my hand to the hospital

Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
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Table of contents :
  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  2. Gabriëlla Art World
  3. A choice
  4. New works of Gabriëlla on Singulart
  5. Social media
  6. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
  7. General information

1. Carpal tunnel syndrome
Across from me is a young woman who has shaved half of her head, her long hair dangling to one side like a horse’s comb. She hasn’t filled in anything, hasn’t been given any paper. That is now handed to her in a little bundle to be filled in. She may sit aside and complete her filling-in exercise. Next comes a man, very old, he walks with difficulty, he stumbles. He, too, knows nothing about questions and fill-in-the-blanks exercises. Such an old man alone, no child around to help him! How horrible in this inhuman time! Finishing everything alone, left to his own devices.
Suddenly, a smiling face appears next to me, turns to my left and asks why I am sitting here? I know her from my daily walk… There she sits at the counter. Her blonde hair swirls upwards as she smiles. Her hand is plastic wrapped in a kind of brace. Like me, she has a hand problem and now has to go under the knife. She looks happy and doesn’t dramatise, talks about her mother who is two years older than me, when she reads the bracelet with data on my wrist. 
Time passes quickly, with her cheerful, weighty eyes fixed on me in a normal human exchange, in a conversation. 
Then I am led to a cubicle. I have to use a locker with a code to be filled in to lock away everything: my clothes and bag. I know these things from the museum. I undress and put everything away when a male voice tells me how to do it: enter code, press red, lever to the right and everything is OK. It is a pleasantly reassuring voice from a middle-aged man. He is not fat, but slim and slender and when I am in the care room with him, in a hospital apron that is open from behind, I see that his hair is grey and he wears glasses. He is very caring, puts me in a wheelchair, gets an extra warm blanket and puts it over my cold skin and legs. That’s how I want it! Has he sensed that I am so cold?
The operation 2021
The operation 2021
After a while on an infusion, an even younger man appears and introduces himself as the anesthetist. He too starts with anesthetics and makes some vicious pricks in my arm, for which he first apologetically warns. Annoying pricks indeed! Then the anesthetist does his job. 
A fluent middle-aged nurse soon steers my wheelchair to the operating theatre, where I am asked to sit on a cross-shaped bed, with my arms stretched out. There are a lot of young women circling around with cooing sounds and cheerful talk When I say I am going to be crucified, they say they have heard it before. They constantly make jokes to reassure the patient and make sure that a blue raised blanket on the side where the hand has to be cut and sewn prevents looking. In this way, they take away the patient’s negative, fearful suggestion. I don’t have to see it! I do have to indicate whether the pain is becoming too great. But that is not the case. I bite my teeth. I feel the young surgeon’s fine voice with its rolling “r” scratching, snapping, nudging. She has a cheerful voice and so she undermines the tension she herself would suffer. 
It is done! 
Then the room is cleared, I am given encouraging words of bravery, put in the chair and driven away, for an hour of rest and recuperation.
In the corridor another young woman takes over, who abruptly tears the protective net from my head without any questions or notice. Why? 
The other patients are sitting in the room with their protective nets still on, also men, strange!
And suddenly, my companion of the dawn reappears and tells me that everything went well for her. She is delighted. 
She can take the red socks with the anti-slip studs home, her wish! A fetish?
I return to my locker and hear the voice of Ann who was supposed to pick me up, … reassuring! 
I explain to her where to find my car, put the parking ticket in the slot and pay 5€ for my place during the shoot.
A bit further on, in the street, Marc is waiting to drive me home. He is surprised that I just found him on the street. Not like that, on the instructions of Ann who pointed out his place. 
Then I did it! 
Gabriëlla Cleuren 10/10/2021
Taking care by a nurse 2021
Taking care by a nurse 2021
2. Gabriëlla's Art World
Visit the Gabriella’s Art World in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) and enjoy the more than 90 works of art by Gabriella Cleuren. Gabriella will guide and teach you personally for about two hours.
The maximum group size per tour is 4 people.
3. A choice from "Gabriëlla's Art World.
I need to get out 2009
I need to get out 2009
4. New works to be seen on Singulart.
Singulart is an online gallery, which ensures a 100% multilingual handling of the sale of artworks.
5. Social media.
LinkedIn and Twitter are the most important social media used by Gabriëlla Cleuren.
6. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
6. General information.
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Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
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