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What I make, write, read, hear, see and visit as an expressive, spontaneous, systematic artist.

The first of a series about “Corona escape”.

Escape from lock down 01 2020
Escape from lock down 01 2020
Suddenly nothing was possible since mid-March 2020.
Prospects were canceled, visits made impermeable. On April 8, I planned a visit from Hamburg, none of it was performed. Alexander did not come.
I was no longer able to collect my ordered frames for my exhibition and that is until 4 May. Everything was forbidden, gatherings, purchases in full stores. It has not bothered me. I never liked crowds. The consumer society did not have a full member to me, nor am I a drinker, and with surprise I walk along long racks full of elegant wine bottles: not for me. Drinking is objectionable, but woe to the addicts who have to face rows of seducers with every purchase, discouraged, advertised in all languages and packaging. Dubious attitude of disapproval and seduction.
But now: lock down, the cork on the urge to live, but as always, I don’t participate.
I organize, make up, escape.
Of course I have to deal with purchases, no problem, a pleasant intermezzo that is not so bad, a dash of old habit, stimulation of needs and not needs, continues.
I take note of the waiting and sometimes fighting spectacle at the entrance. Relations of power change. The access guard suddenly becomes weighty, demands obedience and respect, acts weighty, dismisses or helps. All facets are possible. Another is indifferent, rational or helpful
I now have to organize my time differently. Staying at home is not an option. Weekly visits to museums disappear, my daily walk around the lake is closed - too much public. Then I shift my terrain to the surroundings, along forests, dusty roads or cobblestone roads.
There I suddenly discover the birth forest! A new young plantation with a thousand saplings, close to close, that start the struggle for survival. Those who are not strong go out. Whoever has strength grows up and stays. The others disappear and thus the birth forest forms into a normal forest later. The names of children born between 2008 and 2013 are listed on panels. I see my grandchild with her name listed in a long line of strange children and own children. A dingy child’s drawing peaks at the edge and lures you into the forest. So clumsly beautiful and devilishly energetic. Then I walk on, surrounded by wild old forests, with solid white trees and fallen birches and smooth, large beech and crooked oaks and three-jumps that hold the sky in their dance. The view now becomes so wild and dry and husky. A white fallen birch thwarts the large wild forest, letting it rest, swing and discover. Here is my daily entertainment. I record sight after sight, trunk after trunk, fallen crown and broken, split post. The wild forest is oh-so-disorganized, not harmonious, not a first-choice forest, but a struggle for survival, like the state of man on Earth today, and as it always was. I decide to hold onto any interesting sight, not my normal choice, but a forced corona forest, lock-down, escape battle forest, sometimes become harmonious when man intervened, but fall back on naturalization and force measurement when nature strikes back. So I start a series and scan the forest for interesting views. I capture a different perspective every day. There is very little color, all the more wild movement and unforgettable blue sky that brightens up the view Mediterranean. Of course it is my interpretations, creations.
To be continued in my next newsletter.
Memorial forest 2020
Memorial forest 2020
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