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Living sculpture - the art fair

Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
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Table of contents :
  1. Living sculpture
  2. New works of Gabriëlla on Singulart
  3. Now also present on ArteArta.
  4. A choice.
  5. Social media
  6. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
  7. General information

1. Living sculpture
After a wild journey, trucks on the right, cars on the left that do not respect any speed limit, but thunder next to you like in the wild west, 90 where the speed limit is 70, big mastodons whizzing past you. A moment’s inattention and you are crushed. I try to get through with somewhat blurred vision. I have to turn right from the left lane. I have to manoeuvre and accelerate to get between them. At last, I pull out, look for an empty spot in the middle lane, this time near Middelheim. Nothing, so I turned right, rounded the corner, tried to find an empty spot. Nothing! I move on and finally I see an opening, four cars away from the edge with the possibility of turning around. Perfect !
I drive in as soon as the speed merchants have passed. To my right I am standing in front of a gate, an opening with a guard controlling access. You don’t have to pay in the free middle lane. Lucky me! I hear that the fair is to be held at the end of the site. It couldn’t have been better, or closer.
I go inside and look back, to locate my car between two thick tree trunks. Looking around is my motto, otherwise I won’t find it.
I am right in front of the entrance on the central reservation. Easy to find back when I return in the dark.
The pavilion lights up with yellow windows welcoming me. I enter and am checked for my corona pass and entrance ticket. I ask for a map and look at what is on offer. It is 4 corridors horizontally. Not a bad layout. I am delighted. I can handle it calmly. What are the galleries offering today? I know most of them, but as this is mainly commercial, I am curious about evolutions of the time and presentations of another generation, the young and the young at heart. A different kind of art, more sparse, more cheerful, more colourful, with works I have seen for years, now geometrically renewed 2021 supposedly, very aesthetic sometimes. Beauty was not needed in past years. But it is there again. A lot of collage material and mixed techniques, soberness too. A tiny work on a large washed canvas, coloured, movement in yellow or green or black or white, whatever you want to call it. Other materials also appear. Ingenious Africans who use the keys and buttons of computers to build ingenious compositions. It doesn’t have to be paint and linen. Objects made of stone, carton, steel and wire and all possible finds. Ideas transformed. The richness of the many layers has often disappeared, as with clothing, skimpy and of inferior quality. No symphonies, just some sounds. It is just how you want it. The sparseness and austerity of it all, time put to picture. You can make art with anything. Not paint but marker with candy, composition framed! It is what you see, no more, no less.
Suddenly, a funny apparition appears next to me: a dark man in a floral suit, very colourful, very exotic, very sculptural. His linen suit, full of flowers, roses, reminds me of a garden, so cheerful, so far removed from the usual colourlessness and convention. I can’t help but speak to him. To me, he is a living sculpture that should be in a gallery, among the ceramics and vases, objects and paintings. He belongs there, as if he is looking for his place or has run away from it. I see him as a part of this whole, a ‘living sculpture’.
I hear he has Brazilian roots. He is not from Curaçao or the Caribbean. He speaks excellent Dutch. After an exchange of conversation and a gratifying enthusiasm on my part, we continue our visits separately. He invites me for a drink afterwards. A living sculpture. Isn’t that lovely? I can just see him strolling through my gallery, engaging in conversation with visitors or standing in a corner as a silent fill-in exercise between the other works. I had never thought of that before!
Towards the end of the evening, when I am in row 4 and still have to walk the last corridor, I tap his shoulder, call his name, which is Sony: very musically, and let him know that I still want to finish that corridor.
I disappear, he too, and afterwards I wait in the restaurant at the front, hoping that he will show up. I am curious. It happens after a quarter of an hour. He invites me for a coffee, finds a table and a conversation starts. I ask him about his activities. Is he a journalist? Is he an artist? None of the above. I’m looking for art as a link to something other than technical thinking: creative feeling. Poetry of art, dream that yearns.
 I can live with that.
I tell him about my husband, my son, my grandchildren. I see his eyes getting restless. Had he thought otherwise?
He is an intelligent, very aware man and, when asked, gives me his telephone number and e-mail address. Good. That way, I can expand the contact and show him around my art gallery one day.
Strange to meet a man who had so much in common: his travels to Ukraine, visiting the same places, taking the same train and having the same visions in life regarding man, a destructive being, who destroys out of lust for destruction and thus stages the downfall of his world.
 Animals instinctively kill just for the sake of their survival!
None of these are common views even among conscious people.
2. New works on Singulart
-Singulart is an online gallery, which ensures a 100% multilingual handling of the sale of artworks.
3. Also now on ArteArta works are published.
4. A choice of works from "Virtual Wolds a diary 2016".
Explaining art 2016
Explaining art 2016
4. On these social media I am present.
LinkedIn and Twitter are the most important social media used by Gabriëlla Cleuren.
5. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
6. General information.
Please, feel free to email us at 
Thank you in advance for your questions.
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Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
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