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What I make, write, read, hear, see and visit as an expressive, spontaneous, systematic artist.

Are works that hold the memory, the memory of every day. It can sometimes seem banal, fascinating, extreme, disturbing or poetic, but it is part of life. What is art if not an attempt to converse with the viewer through the image.
Since memory is always personally colored and often inaccurate, free, in this series of works I use a great freedom of form, which sometimes seems impossible or defective, childlike too. That is the charm of the work, the naturalness. Here it is the means to shape the individuality of memory.
For this series, in line with our computer time: communicating over pictograms, I also designed my own pictograms that appear in the work for clarification. So I can tell a story purely about pictograms. But usually it is a combination of past perception supplemented with pictograms. The fact that what happened here is portrayed in a very personal way makes the work very authentically unmistakable.
Gabriëlla Cleuren 30/01/2020

Catching of silence 2020
Catching of silence 2020
The silence is represented here as a big black cloud, it makes you silent and you have to grasp it. Images of people only appear on the edge or are crossed out. The silence is a strange thing!
Chased 2020
Chased 2020
A couple who walks away from the road. The moorhens sit on the dike, or on the verge by the water. They are startled and see their safe distance exceeded. It is the ever-welling spectacle of chased birds, also by careful walkers. An image of humans and animals and their relationship.
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