The unique short-lived mudflats - a story about nature



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Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
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Table of contents :
  1. A story
  2. Gabriëlla Art World
  3. A choice
  4. New works of Gabriëlla on Singulart
  5. Social media
  6. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
  7. General information

1. A story
In 2015, I joyfully travelled regularly to Zeeland, to the giant high dykes along the Westerschelde. Thus I picked day and hour and saved myself the 100km distant trip to the sea. The constantly ebbing and flowing water, in and out of the sea, modelled different landscapes every day: the wadden world, unrecognisably different, every ebb and flowing tide, freshly created, never repeated, never the same, always a tad different after the water has receded for 6 hours. Gone, followed by swift masses of water that flood everything again, New islands of grass emerge every time the water recedes.
Much more fascinating than the sea, always varied, a vast island plain of green strips, creating bright green grass mounds with blue water sprigs around them, and moorhens and chickadees on swift feet, and clumps of silver birds flying in formation from left to right, diving above the newly created landscape. Their shrill sound blows rhythmic jazz into your ears. It fascinated me, the distant strip of water with its dark background, the channel for sea-going ships that have to seek their passage to Antwerp along green and red beacons.
So close giant ships as if they were sailing through the fields: fascinating. In addition, I felt the desire to record this strange landscape, unique nature, not susceptible to stereotypes, exceptional, fascinating, always changing. For children, after the retreat of the water, a playground where they can look for shells and sea creatures and where wet sand wears their feet. A channel, an infinite vista, curling grass mudflats and a straight channel with an occasional giant ship, strange opal-coloured skies and purplish wet sand.
I used to draw and sketch there regularly with my friend, another artist, and watch the children play on the bumpy beach in the sunlight. These 8 images bear witness to that. They are an example of an ever-changing world. But due to corona, my trip to Zeeland ( 40km) another country was suddenly forbidden. The border was closed and my world became inaccessible. I could only look for wild forests in my surroundings. Hopefully soon my world will open up again after years of isolation and lack of a moving, shining horizon.
2. Gabriëlla's Art World
Visit the Gabriella’s Art World in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) and enjoy the more than 90 works of art by Gabriella Cleuren. Gabriella will guide and teach you personally for about two hours.
The maximum group size per tour is 4 people.
If you plan to visit Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels in the future, Sint-Niklaas is very close by.
To fix the appointment, it is best to send an e-mail to or call +32 3 777 6776 or WhatsApp to +32 477 280562. When you want to come, please let us know.
3. A choice from "Gabriëlla's Art World.
A selection of works from the series: “FULL EMPTINESS unique worlds ”. They can be seen in “Gabriella’s Art World”.
4. New works to be seen on Singulart.
Singulart is an online gallery, which ensures a 100% multilingual handling of the sale of artworks.
5. Social media.
LinkedIn and Twitter are the most important social media used by Gabriëlla Cleuren.
6. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
6. General information.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at 
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Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
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