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Works created in 2020 from the series "Full Emptiness unique worlds"

Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
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Table of contents :
  1. Works from 2020 Full Emptiness
  2. Gabriëlla Art World
  3. A choice
  4. New works of Gabriëlla on Singulart
  5. Social media
  6. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
  7. General information

1. Works from 2020 FULL EMPTINESS unique worlds
Deserted 2020
Deserted 2020
Full empty spaces are wide landscapes, where immense mysterious spaces such as they are no longer to be found here in Belgium with its small-scale built-up plots, take shape. Spaces as a metaphor for loneliness, an open mind that sees fullness: full empty spaces. When your eye gets used to the flatness of land or water, shapes and colours start to show fine nuances. One gradually discovers countless tonalities of light and colour as on the wide water in Zeeland; contrast of light and dark, backlight as on the Scheldt in Antwerp, where the other bank, the left bank at sunset reveals a world of meanings in such an image. That lonely world with one or more figures becomes tangible, tangible, man a minuscule particle, locked up in it.
A lot of plain means a lot of air. The constantly changing or threatening light of shifting clouds, playing, reflecting on water or earth; dark evening skies over the fields, intensify the atmosphere of space, inexistence and strangeness! Air, light and water are emotionally charged figures.
Empty street 2020
Empty street 2020
2. Gabriëlla's Art World
Visit the Gabriella’s Art World in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) and enjoy the more than 90 works of art by Gabriella Cleuren. Gabriella will guide and teach you personally for about two hours.
The maximum group size per tour is 4 people.
A view on the works from the series "Brave new old Worlds"
A view on the works from the series "Brave new old Worlds"
If you plan to visit Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels in the future, Sint-Niklaas is very close by.
To fix the appointment, it is best to send an e-mail to or call +32 3 777 6776 or WhatsApp to +32 477 280562. When you want to come, please let us know.
3. A choice from "Gabriëlla's Art World.
Is there a chance for us? 2015
Is there a chance for us? 2015
4. New works to be seen on Singulart.
Singulart is an online gallery, which ensures a 100% multilingual handling of the sale of artworks.
5. Social media.
LinkedIn and Twitter are the most important social media used by Gabriëlla Cleuren.
6. About Gabriëlla Cleuren
6. General information.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at 
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Gabriëlla Cleuren Art
Gabriëlla Cleuren Art @GabriellaCleure

What I make, write, read, hear, see and visit as an expressive, spontaneous, systematic artist.

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